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    From basic knowledge about the various basic techniques to radiological knowledge per professional field or per part of the body. Select the radiological knowledge and module that suits you best. You can complete the module once you have purchased it. You can also subscribe so that you will have access to all modules.

    Radiology Expert

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    Frequently asked questions


    Do I need to have any specific prior knowledge in order to follow the modules?

    The platform is primarily aimed at medical students/medical student interns and (para)medics, and therefore contains a great deal of medical terminology. A certain amount of medical knowledge is therefore desirable.


    Why does Radiology.expert work with paid accounts?

    Users are asked to pay a small fee to access and use Radiology.expert. This ensures the ongoing viability of the training platform; maintenance costs (including bandwidth and technical maintenance), translation costs and the cost of new functionalities are paid for in this way. With your help, Radiology.expert can continue to grow and new educational material can be developed.


    I've forgotten my password so I can't log in. What should I do?

    You can request a new password via the option ‘forgotten password’, located under the login form.

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