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    About us

    Radiology.expert is an international, independent knowledge platform for medical and paramedical practitioners and medical students. We help you to expand your radiological knowledge by offering practical, up-to-date radiological expertise from the radiologist.

    About us
    Radiology Expert


    We believe that the correct diagnosis and therapeutic treatment form the foundation of high-quality care. Despite radiology playing an increasingly important role in the clinical diagnostic process, we note that the availability of radiology education is limited.

    By offering the correct practical, up-to-date radiological knowledge, we enable (future) medical professionals to interpret imaging studies swiftly and to make the correct diagnosis. This is achieved by presenting complex theory in an understandable and accessible manner.

    A swift and correct diagnosis ensures that patients are offered the required care and this also benefits the general quality of care (e.g. improved interpretation of radiological images and reduction of unnecessary examinations).


    Radiology.expert was conceived and founded by Annelies van der Plas, a Musculoskeletal radiologist in the Maastricht UMC+.

    During her medical training she noticed that the supply of radiology training was severely limited and that residents and interns were thrown in at the deep end in terms of radiology.

    During her radiology training, this problem inspired her to develop a radiology training platform specifically for interns. A platform in which radiological knowledge is pooled and which also offers tools to elevate healthcare to a higher standard. The platform was launched in 2014 under the name StartpuntRadiologie and it has since expanded to become an international, independent platform called Radiology.expert. Users are asked to pay a small fee to access and use Radiology.expert. This ensures the ongoing viability of the training platform; maintenance costs (including bandwidth and technical maintenance), translation costs and the cost of new functionalities are paid for in this way. Radiology Expert is non-profit platform and purely built on passion for the field of radiology and education.

    ‘I enjoy making clear illustrations and modules, so that the interns can prepare for their internship in an easy & enjoyable manner.’ In practice it has become clear that it is not only interns who require more radiology training, but also residents, general practitioners, physiotherapists and many more medical and paramedical practitioners. ‘I am pleased that I can help so many more people to get started and to show them what the beautiful field of Radiology has to offer.’

    Annelies van der Plas
    MSK radiologist Maastricht UMC+