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    X-ray/CT Technique

    The basic principles about the X-ray and CT technique.

    X-ray/CT Technique
    Radiology Expert
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    X-ray/CT Technique - Introduction

     Learn the most important basics about the X-ray and CT technique in understandable language, with a special focus on physics. Various CT techniques are discussed, including the latest CT development 'Photon-Counting Detector CT' (operational in hospitals since 2021).

    It is particularly recommended that you read this module before you start with the specific lectures on the various X-ray examinations (for example X-Shoulder) and CT examinations (for example CT Abdomen General).
    If you want to know more about the dangers of ionizing radiation, the Ionizing Radiation module may be interesting to read. 

    • X-ray tube

    • Tube voltage (kV)

    • Tube current (mA).

    • Electron shells

    • Bremsstrahlung

    • Characteristic radiation

    • Attenuation coefficient

    • X-ray densities

    • Spiraal CT

    • Dual Energy CT

    • Photon Counting Detector CT (PCDT)

    • CT Contrast

    • Hounsfield Units

    X-ray transmission and tissue tickness X-ray transmission and tissue tickness
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    Learn everything about X-ray/CT Technique

    Buy a single module for €2,50 or all modules for €25 per year.
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    Text & Illustrations

    Drs. A. van der Plas, MSK radiologist Maastricht UMC+

    With special thanks to:
    Drs. S. Springer, Medical Physicist Assistant Maastricht UMC+


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