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    Ultrasound Technique

    The basic principles of the ultrasound technique.

    Ultrasound Technique
    Radiology Expert
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    Ultrasound examinations are associated with a diversity of ultrasound artifacts and can be encountered during the examination.  Unfortunately, these artifacts cannot all be discussed in this course.
    Two important artifacts are explained here: acoustic shadow and posterior sound transmission. Even though these are artifacts, they are valuable in practice. 


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    Literature: sources and author


    drs. A. van der Plas (MSK radiologist Maastricht UMC+)

    With special thanks to:
    drs. F.Y. Jiang (radiologist Haga Ziekenhuis, Den Haag)


    drs. A. van der Plas (MSK radiologist Maastricht UMC+)


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