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    MRI Technique

    The basic principles of the MRI technique.

    MRI Technique
    Radiology Expert
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    MRI Technique - Introduction

    Read all about the basic things you need to know concerning MRI technique. This difficult subject is presented in an understandable and accessible way. Special attention is given to the possibilities/restrictions and commonly used nomenclature.
    Some of the key topics are MRI sequences, T1, T2, signal intensity and diffusion weighted image.


    • Magnetisation, excitation, relaxation
    • MRI sequences (for example T1, T2, gradient)
    • Fat suppression
    • Signal intensities
    • MRI contrast media
    • Diffusion weighted image
    • In-out-of-phase

    MRI technology is very complex and many books have been written about it. It is therefore impossible to discuss everything in detail. 
    This course focuses on practical MRI information. The first part will briefly address the underlying technology. Then some commonly used terms and MRI tests will be reviewed.
    The course concludes with a table outlining the reviewed MRI sequences.

    Spinning proton and Larmor frequency


    Learn everything about MRI Technique

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