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    Abdominal X-ray

    The basic principles of the abdominal X-ray examination.

    Abdominal X-ray
    Radiology Expert
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    Although the abdominal X-ray is performed less frequently these days, it still has clinical value in certain situations. Some knowledge about this research is therefore essential.
    Some of the key topics are volvulus, free air and nephrocalcinosis.

    Prior to this module, it is wise to read the X-ray/CT Technique module.
    This module consists of the components indication/technique, normal anatomy, checklist and pathology.


    • Ileus
    • Sigmoïd volvulus
    • Cecal volvulus
    • Free air
    • Nephrolithiasis
    • Urolithiasis
    • Nephrocalcinosis
    • Foreign body
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    Learn everything about Abdominal X-ray

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    drs. A van der Plas (MSK radiologist Maastricht UMC+)


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